Thursday 27th March 2008 - Lunch at The Coach and Horses, Ickenham hosted by Barry Bonner

march08_1 (61K)   march08_3 (79K)
A happy band   First time visitors Eddie Stuart and Barbara Kinnaird
march08_4 (79K)   march08_5 (79K)
Tony Milton   John Dailley
march08_6 (79K)   march08_7 (79K)
Ian Ridley   Mark Baynes
march08_8 (79K)   march08_9 (79K)
Roger Bunce and Peter Evans   Geoff Hawkes
march08_10 (79K)   march08_11 (79K)
Dudley Darby and Doug Coldwell   John Pilblad and Roger Francis
march08_12 (79K)   march08_13 (79K)
Tim Healey   Peter Fox

Pictures by Barry Bonner, Bernie and Geoff Hawkes