Thursday 20th September 2007 - Lunch at the Coach and Horses again

lunch7_12_small (58K)
Peter Fox, John Smith, Ken Major, Stuart Lindley and Roger Bunce.
Stuart lives in Berwick-upon-Tweed, so is probably now the record distance holder for these lunches.

lunch7_10_small (50K)   lunch7_1_small (54K)
A man and his lunch - Paul Kay   Tim Healy and Barry Cobden
lunch7_11_small (32K)   lunch7_2_small (20K)
Mike Felton   Mary Rider and Dave White
lunch7_3_small (40K)   lunch7_4_small (56K)
John Howell and John Pilblad   Round the table from left - Doug Coldwell, Roger Bunce, Rod Taylor, Mary Rider, Peter Booth
lunch7_5_small (25K)   lunch7_6_small (23K)
Roger Francis, Dave White, Bernie Newnham, Roy Adcock   John Pilblad, Alan Machin, Chris Woolf (who popped in from Cornwall), John Howell
lunch7_7_small (51K)   lunch7_8_small (39K)
Barry Bonner   Alan Machin, John Howell
lunch7_9_small (46K)   lunch7_13_small (29K)
Graham Maunder, Ian Head   Barry Cobden, Bill Jenkin

Next Lunch - before Christmas 2007, disorganised by Howard Michaels.....