29th September 2005 - Another Totally-Not-Organised-At-All Tech-Ops Lunch

Old friends meet at The Cricketers - 18 of us again, but a different 18

lunch 2_header (277K)
If you're not going to work too often any more,
you might as well have fun.

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Roger Davis, Peter Fox, Bill Jenkin and John Vincent   Roger Brunskill and Jackie Foote
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Malcolm Johnson   Barry Bonner and Bob Foley
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Terry Foote, Clive Doig and Roger Brunskill   Doug Coldwell in the foreground, and Roger's wife Gillian
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Ken Major is pensive on the right   Bernie
lunch2-10 (111K)   lunch2-11 (10K)
Bill Jenkin, Paul Kay, David Plaice   Ken