17th June 2008 - Lunch at the The Cricketers, Guildford

big_group (42K)   ken-rog (84K)
Ten lunches in, now, and somewhat of an institution

  Ken Major, Roger Bunce, Mic Weaver in the background

brian (39K)   pete_tim (42K)
Brian White

  Peter Hider and Tim Healy

g1 (35K)   huw_roger (52K)
Tim Healy, Peter Fox, and a lady whose name I don't know

  Huw Williams, Roger Francis

Jpilblad (40K)   john_bill (43K)
On the right, Dave White and John Pilblad

  John Hoare and Bill Jenkin

g2 (26K)   bernie-derek (43K)
Peter Neil, Paul Kay

  Bernie Newnham, Derek Brady
barry (90K)   roger (154K)
Barry Bonner   Roger Francis

Photographers - Barry Bonner, Huw Williams, Peter Hider, Barry Cobden, Bernie Newnham